[LON-CAPA-users] firewall on student computers

Felicia Berryman lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 01 Sep 2004 12:20:44 -0400


I have had two similar reports:

1.) I can log in to the roles page on my own computer but when i slect a 
course or main menu, i am taken back to the login page, if i login again 
it takes me back to the roles page. i have been able to login and use my 
courses on other computers so i figure that there must be a setting 
wrong on only my computer.

2.) After submit my user name and password, i am then successfully 
directed to a page where i am to select a course. When i click on a 
course, however, i am sent directly to the log-in page again. In fact, 
if i click on any link on the course-selection page, i am still sent to 
the same log-in page. I cannot move beyond the course selection page. I 
have enabled both javascript and cookies in my browser's preferences.

The first student who reported the problem was able to solve it and sent 
me the following:

I managed to resolve it. Turns out that the ZoneAlarm firewall I use was 
causing the problem. After I turned the ZoneAlarm firewall off, and the 
Windows firewall on LON-capa worked for me.

I'll report this bugzilla, in the meantime I wanted to make other 
instructors at other schools aware of this problem.


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