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My understanding is that each version of the problem should have a 
different random seed. Each time a problem is inserted into the sequence, 
it has a unique "ID" in that sequence. This ID is used with other 
information to create the random seed.


 On Thu, 21 Oct 2004, John Merrill wrote:

> If I put the exact same problem into a sequence twice (or more) does 
> the random seed change each time for a student so that they see a 
> different set of foils on the second instance? The basis for the 
> question is, I've written a killer question with 8 concept groups, each 
> with 3-5 foils, but I want the students to exercise on them without 
> putting too many foils per page (4 max?), yet see most or all of the 
> concept groups by having them see the problem multiple times.
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