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Fri, 21 Nov 2003 14:20:40 -0800

Lars and anyone else interested in finding chemistry resources,

When I first saw this and Felicia's response, my  reaction was that I also 
have found it difficult to  understand how this search engine works.
Does the default search only on keywords?
Also, if I go to the advanced search and conduct a search over all domains, it 
always hangs on certain certain servers which do not respond.
Be that as it may....
Something that I should point out about my own resources is that, from the 
time I started, I did not interpret the metadata item "Subject" to mean 
Discipline but something much more specific.  Thus you will hardly ever find 
my resources if you asked for "Chemistry" as the "Subject:".
On the other hand, I have almost always included "Chemistry" in the "Notes:".

In the broad context, it now seems very odd that I did that.  I suppose that I 
may have to change this practice and start using "Subject: Chemistry"|.


On November 4, 2003 11:18 am, Lars Jensen wrote:
> Are there any great sources of chemistry problems in resource space?
> Has Paul Hunter's library been translated?
> Interestingly enough a search of "chemistry problem" in lon-capa turns
> up nothing.
> Thanks,
> Lars.
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