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	I realize this has probably been beaten around a good deal, but
for those of us more geographically distant -

The solution below regarding copyrights on libraries infers that I will
publish the serway library for access at Ohio University only. If Lars
selects Serway as his local text, he will then republish the library at
TMCC in order to have access.

Don't get me wrong - I think the copyright option will be very useful for
other reasons and is a desirable thing. Our own universities may impose
some restrictions on the availability of our resources system-wide (I try
not to think about such issues for the time being). There may also be some
resources that I would like to have available locally, but would like to
test extensively before releasing to the full community.

As regards something as large as the problem libraries, is there any
consideration for allowing an option of multiple domains? Or a domain list
that gets interpreted dynamically (so that the problems do not need to be
republished when adding a school to the domain?).


On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, Guy Albertelli II wrote:

> Hi,
> Anyone who needs to publish a book problem I would urge you to update
> yur systems to have the newest copyright.tab file.
> It allows you to assign the Distribution filed on the metadata to:
> domain	  Limited to courses in the domain published
> Which looks like what the publishers want.
> The code to enforce this restriction isn't in place yet, but at least
> the problems will be properly marked this way for when we do get the
> code working.
> Thanks!
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