[Lon-capa-users] STABLE update

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 6 Feb 2002 18:32:07 -0500 (EST)

Hi All,

A large pile of commits have been declared STABLE.

If anyone want more details about a specific line in this let me know.

Felicia if you want to we could clean this up for sending out on

- installation updates (documentation handled better, rpms handled  cleaner)
- new files added to installation
  - loncapa.conf
  - externalresponse.pm
  - loncapagrade.pm
  - more documentation files
  - lonplot.pm/graph.gif
        - authorfeed,gif, bomb.gif, chat.gif, feedback.gif
- lpml.dtd
- lpml_parse.pl - handles rpm specs
- make_rpm.pl 
- srm.conf info now in loncapa.conf
- httpd.conf (now includes loncapa.conf)
- lond (uses new londchld directory)
- lonracc.pm POD
- lonroles.pm prints class domain
- graph.gif (now 2d)
- capa.units (new units dB and and abgrev. h for hour)
- default_homework.lcpm - bug fixes, new function prettyprint
- edit.pm and all editable tags, cleanup of table generation code 
       (outputtags.pm, radiobuttonresponse.pm randomlabel.pm
- essayresponse.pm (checks for previous)
- hint.pm tex support
- inputtags.pm, rename button, <textfield> recognizes seed text as not 
     a real submission
- insertlist.tab (addition onf lonplot tags)
- lonhomework.pm (undo undo)
- optionresponse.pm (edit cleanup, tex support)
- response.pm (<externalresponse>)
- structuretags.pm (support for embedded <problem>)
- filetypes.tab (pdf is ign)
- lonchart.pm (sections collapsed, no_cache)
- londropadd.pm (force ID override)
- lonspreadsheet (cleanup, support for hashes)
- lonstatistics (discrimation, graphs are accuarte, other updates)
- lonnet.pm (bugfix)
- loncfile.pm (better checking of existance and suffix changes on
- lonpublisher.pm (stop forcing absoulte refereneces)
- packages.tab (availabe Points -> Weight)
- londefdef (tex support, body tag creates the Edit button now)
- lonplot.pm (being added)
- lonxml.pm (improved messages for missing tags, creation/editing of
  html files improved)
- scripttag.pm (<standalone>,<script> nolonger "parses" contents, 
                edit.pm updates)

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