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 Dear friend,
 Compliment of the day, I am JOHN KYARI, The son of late General  Kubwa Kyari =
of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
 My father was a General in the Congolese Army. In his position (My father) =
with the office of the presidentcy during the regime of Laurent kabila, he =
was assigned on a secret mission to source and acquire arms  internationally =
in order to strengthen the Government forces against the rebels, which =
already had the support of Rwandan and Uganda Army.
 Meanwhile, he was still negotiating for the purchase of the arms, he =
received on the 16th January 2001 news of the assassination of Laurent Kabila =
which force him to call off the assignment and deposited the  sum of =
US$12.5M, Packed in a diplomatic case in a private security company in the =
Hague, the Netherlands, though he registered the content as precious  stones =
while the real content is (US12.5M) meant for the purchase of arms for  the =
Congolese Army. My father went home for the funeral of the late president, =
but on  his arrival he was arrested, detained and tortured, unfortunately my  =
father suffer cardiac arrest and died on the 17th of March 2001. However,one  =
of our
numerous visits, my mother and I paid him while in prison, my father  was =
able to reveal this secret to me and advice that i should proceed to  the =
Netherlands to claim the money, he handed me all the relevant  documents that

will enable me claim the box from the security company.Already, I have  made =
my first visit to the security company and the document entitled to  =
clearthis money is with a finance security company in Holland.
 On our arrival in the Netherlands few months ago, we sought for  political =
asylum; which was granted. My mother and I are making frantic effort  on the =
best way to handle this money. We sought advice from an attorney who advised
that we must seek for a trustworthy foreign business partner whom can invest =
this fund in a profitable venture. This we view as the best option because =
our refugee status dose not permit us to operate a bank account, hence we =
seek your assistance and hope you could be trusted.
 I got your contact from the commercial section of the congolese embassy in =
Belgium. Meanwhile, I sincerely ask for your assistance to get this money =
through your account, Your share for assisting us will be 25% of the =
totalsum, 5% will be use for upsetting all the expenses incurred in the =
courseof concluding this venture and the remaining 70% that will be for me =
and  my family. Also you stand to gain from any investment you might =
introduce us into after the conclusion of the transfer.
 Please keep this confidential until we finalize and get this money into your =
account for security reasons.
 This is my e-mail address you can reach  me:(johnkyari2003@netscape.net)
 Thanks and GOD bless.
MR, John Kyari