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Sat, 12 Jul 2003 00:55:49 -0500

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Dear Reader,

No More Accent is an accent reduction product, which helps to remove accents. =
For example, an Asian lady (or any nationality) may have communication =
problems with her English when speaking to her work mates or friends.

With that in mind, No More Accent teaches Accent Reduction methodologies to =
help in this area. In fact, No More Accent can be used in almost any =
situation where an accent reduction is required. Even Actors within the =
Entertainment Industry have turned to No More Accent as a way to lose or gain =
an accent of another nationality.

No More Accent is available in two versions, CD-ROM and VHS Cassette Tape =
(PAL and NTSC formats) both can be purchased directly via the =
www.no-moreaccent.com website.
If you would like further information about our products or services, please =
contact myself 
when you have a moment.

Best Wishes...

Martin Andrews
Marketing Co-ordinator


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