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Thu, 10 Jul 2003 02:56:08 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Mark,

People kept asking for a mechanisms to make simple one-off problems in 
the same way that syllabi, simple pages, etc, are made from inside DOCS.

In DOCS you will now find a button "Simple Problem" alongside 
"Simple Page," etc.

If you press it you will be prompted for a title, and the thing gets
glued into your folder.

If you navigate to that problem (after re-init course) you have a little
Edit button on the left top corner. You can then edit the problem fairly
simply. It offers Radio, Option, Essay, and String.

Down in the guts (not interesting to the user), the mechanism is very
straightforward and not interfering with how the rest of LON-CAPA works. 

The URL is always /res/lib/templates/simpleproblem.problem, which is a
static "published" resource. Different instances of URL have different
symbs, like always.

Anyway, what the editor really does is set normal parameters for that
resource, the same way that deadlines and tolerances work. Only in this
case, you actually set the problem text, foil texts, etc, for the 
instance of that one resource with that particular symb.

I am pretty happy about this mode, since it did not require any changes
to the way LON-CAPA works (in fact, only uses existing mechanisms -
LON-CAPA can do a ton of stuff that even we are often not aware of), 
takes advantage of all caching, needs no replication or cross-server
loads, etc.

If people want more sophisticated problems, they should continue to use
the normal author mechanisms.

- Gerd.

Quoting Mark Lucas <lucas@lucas.phy.ohiou.edu>:

> Hi,
> I just saw a lonsimpleproblemedit.pm flow past in the cvs stuff. Can 
> someone give the 4 line summary of what this is to do and how it
> can/will 
> be accessed?
> Pras is currently playing around with an external simple editor in
> visual 
> basic that would provide the simplest form of radio or optionresponse
> problems. It would create a file that could then be uploaded, so he/we
> have a interest in what's going on here.
> Thanks!
> Mark
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