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Hi all,

I'm sharing this information because of the basic information.
I know we are not a butcher shop or just a 7 page site,
but please look past that at the info and recommendations.

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Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for June 2 is now online at:

How can a small company's website benefit from usability activities
despite a miniscule budget? By integrating four simple and effective
usability practices into the design process.


User Experience 2003 conference
   > Chicago, September 21-25
   > London, October 6-10

28 tutorials on all aspects of user experience.

More info and full program:	


My book "Homepage Usability" has been published in simplified Chinese.
Apparently Victoria's Secret's homepage was too daring for the PRC
authorities because the main product photo was replaced by somebody
wearing a bit more clothes. The traditional Chinese translation (published
in Taiwan) includes the original model.

In other book news, my book "Designing Web Usability" has been published
in its 22nd language, Polish. The Poles win the prize for longest
translation of the title:

Projektowanie funkcjonalnych serwisow internetowych

A good reminder of the need to allow text to expand when localizing.

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