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I thought this topic is relevant to our team because I think that we
don't seem to understand the value of design methodology and testing.

Let me know what you think.

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Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for May 19 is now online at:

Professionally run design agencies user test their designs to increase the
value they deliver to their clients. The challenge is getting clients to
understand the benefits of a solid development methodology.


Announcing our biggest conference ever:

User Experience 2003
   > Chicago, September 21-25
   > London, October 6-10

28 tutorials on all aspects of user experience.

Don Norman will present the results of two years of work on the sequel to
"The Design of Everyday Things." The new book will be published in January
2004, but Don will have completed all the research by September so that it
can be presented at the conference.

More info and full program:	

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