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Dear Mark:

Quick answer: "yes and no".

The best list is what Matthew developed inside

This "install.pl" file should also be present inside the tarball:

Also, there are some new plans for reviving something like "make rpmstatuspost"
in the future--and it will focus on the "MUST be installed" category.


> Hi-
> 	I am now running 7.3 on most of my servers, with the 0.4 stable 
> release. Thanks to Guy I found a couple of kicked-in-the-head errors (of 
> my own doing with installation). One last question:
> 	Is there a definitive list of rpms that MUST be installed for 
> proper functioning? (ie., samba and nsf don't have to be installed,
> but latex MUST be installed for proper printing and setuid must be 
> installed).
> 	Thanks,
> 		Mark
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