[LON-CAPA-dev] New STABLE message

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 4 Jul 2002 11:07:38 -0400 (EDT)

Hi All,

Here is the latest version of the STABLE release message:


Major improvements:
- printing should support many more resources (.pages, ones with
- new simpler map creation tool
- image labels on <randomlabel>
- more templates
- CSV upload of grades
- anaylze problems
- MANY bugfixes

To install this new version:

1) To properly print you will need to have the perl Image::Magick
rotines installed

For Redhat 6.2:
Get and install these RPMS:

For Redhat 7.2:
Get and install these RPMS:

For Redhat 7.3:
Get and install these RPMS:

Otherwise contact Guy at guy@albertelli.com to get the proper rpms.

2) Download the new tarball from 

and untar it

tar xzvf loncapa.tar.gz

3) Run the UPDATE script as root
cd loncapa

4) restart the system services
/etc/rc.d/init.d/loncontrol stop
/etc/rc.d/init.d/loncontrol start
/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd stop
/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd start

1) Many questions are answered at http://help.lon-capa.org
2) Defects reports, and enhancements requests can be entered at
3) Mailing lists can be joined and left at http://mail.lon-capa.org
4) There is a security problem with Apache that was installed, and
   there has been seen a worm that exploits this issue. Please 
   update Apache to the latest security release for your system.
   This webpage has links to all Rpms that need to be updated for
   Redhat systems

----Detailed Updates
  - fixed checking of  mc style Stringresponse questions
  - GLabel.class - improved version handles images on images correctly

  - added tutorial
  - updates from GUTS conference added
  - new demo class added
  - guts document in html added

  lchtmldir - handles creation of authors, and filesstem auth people
              BUG 259
  lonc - new config files read, USR1 properly clears counters and 
         dead children, BUG 129
  loncron - runs more quickly, CHECKOUTTOKENS cleaned less regulary,
            typos, new config files read BUGS 129, 240
  lond - reads new config files, handles user creation better,
         lonsearcat works better BUGS 121, 129
  lonsql - POD, map -> foreach, query activity logs, 
           query bugs fixed, BUGS 121, 129

  lonacc.pm - verify symbs, implement private resources BUG 279,488
  lonauth.pm - don't resize/move on Linux BUG 54
  lonlogin.pm - adding interface information
  lonroles.pm - fixed domain listing for non students, 
                use caching homeserver call, BUG 458

  Makefile - many improvements
  loncaparestoreconfigurations -  loncapa.conf BG 436
  lpml_parse.pl - bugfixes
  make_domain_coordinator.pl - asks for password
  sqltest.pl - loks at new conf files, BUG 428
  clusterstatus.pl - new conf files BUG 129
  graph.gif - bug fixes, size and colors revised
  thumbnail.gif - added
   default_homework.pl - prettyprint handles 0 exponenet well, BUG 485
   grades.pm - CVS upload, extensive visual cleanups, 
               start on handgrading of responses, internal cleanups,
               verify receipts, BUGS 42, 236, 435, 526
   imageresponse.pm - BUG 238
   inputtags.pm - BUG 494
   lonhomework.pm - save/view/ buttons renamed, automatic timeout,
                    BUG 188
   optionresponse.pm - printing bug fixed, BUGS 238, 541
   radiobuttonresponse.pm - showed incorrect number of foils, BUG 238
   randomlabel.pm - supports image labels, BUG 67
   response.pm - BUG 238
   structuretags.pm - printing support improved, BUGS 188, 238 , 474

   menu.html - clock added, handles versioned resources, 
               BUGS 227, 291, 439, 461   

   groupsort.pm - works with map imported resources, and the mouse,
                  BUG 331
   lonchart.pm - reworked internals, column headers, show subset 
                 of resources, interuptable without causing 
                 'unable to hash' errors, BUGS 218, 484, 497, 522
   loncommon.pm - CSV functions, documentation, javascript genration, 
                  internal cleanups
   loncommunicate.pm - spurious error mail gone, internal logic
   loncreateuser.pm - check mau in the correct domain
   londropadd.pm - moved CSV functions to loncommon, show classlist
   lonfeedback.pm - BUG 90
   lonindexer.pm - clears Only and Omit, added title display, handles
                   HTML titles, BUGS 487, 524
   lonmenu.pm - resizing works better, BGUG 468
   lonmsg.pm - improved display of critical messages, BUG 509
   lonnavmaps.pm - random map support, BUG 150
   lonparmset.pm - course wide style file, disallow discussion for 
                   some users, support auto <hr /> ing, BUG 123,532
   lonprintout.pm - should support many more resources, better name
                    for pdf file, supports images
   lonsearchcat.pm - significant internal improvements, supports 
                     domain restriictrictions, handles untitled 
                     resources, revamped interface, more responsive 
                     to user, POD
   lonstatistics.pm - internal updates, analyze optionresponse 
                      problems, bugfixes, BUG 480
   lontest.pm - more info, and prettier BUG 527
   printout.pl - dynamic eps generation

   about.html - added version info, names added and fixed

   lonnet.pm - random resource support, support aliases, query 
               activity logs, handles domain and prive restrictions 
               correctly, EXT can access query_string, faster with
               down connections, better detection of resources on
               map, EXT supports users looking at other users, symb
               cleaning and verification,  BUGS 121, 240, 305, 458,
               461, 476, 488
   loncfile.pm - cleaner, handles internal style users BUG 259
   londiff.pm - BUG 90
   lonpubdir.pm - status clors back, URL in browser should be 
                  the same as URL being worked on. BUG 498
   lonpublisher.pm - no more blank lines at the end, creates
                     <allow>s for image labels in randomlabel
                     BUGS 90, 517
   lonretrieve.pm - BUG 90

   londefdef.pm - suport printing images, early start on exam
                  printing, supports high entities to be unencoded
                  in tth output, added <th>, BUG 68
   lonplot.pm - access to set samples command, BUG 519
   lonxml.pm - browse/search links work again, default class 
               stylefile, register only pages on map, bugfixes,
               BUGS 68, 76, 461, 495, 532, 571
   run.pm - $i was being overwritten, timeout checking, protect
            output, BUGS 471, 494
   scripttag.pm - answers allowed outside of CSTR, BUG 228

  lonpageflip.pm - handles empty start resources better
  lonpage.pm - printing works for most resources, 
               embeds <hr /> between reources, BUGS 123,165
  lonratedt.pm - added Simple RAT (mouse), BUG 466
  lonratparams.pm - code cleanup, typos fixed, BUG 90
  lonratsrv.pm - delete blank <param>, handles instrnal users
                 BUG 569
  lonsequence.pm - displays sequences outside of course, handles 
                   blank resources better, BUG 175
  lonuserstate.pm - may support randomized maps, BUGS 150,305,500 
  code.html - escpaes characters, import from maps, bugfixes, 
              save without layout, BUGS 463, 464, 487
  parameter.html - support string parameters now

  Configuration.pm - added
  access.conf removed, contents moved to 
                       loncapa.conf/loncapa_apache.conf BUG 129
  installation routine now better about querying about machine and 
               prompting user to configure machine
  startup.pl - loads more modules, uses less memory

  added - Plot.problem, RandomLabelExample.problem, SimpleFormula.problem
  removed - SimpleStringResponse.problem, formula.problem

HTML files
  added - [0-9].gif, colon.gif, nothumb.gif, slash.gif 
          (clock/thumbnail images)

guy@albertelli.com          BM: n^20 t20 z20 qS 
Guy Albertelli -7-8-4-  O-
    My fingers type, but sentences do not I form -Richh