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Here's another web test system which I came across on the sofware 
engineering news group.


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Subject: ADV: eValid Ver. 3.2 Pre-Release Evaluation Key Available
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 01:47:46 GMT
From: SR <info@soft.com>
Organization: eValid, Inc. 901 Minnesota, SF/CA 94107 USA
Newsgroups: comp.software.testing,comp.software-eng,comp.client-server

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        eValid Ver. 3.2 Pre-Release Evaluation Key Available

The main goal in eValid's design was to have a system focused on
every aspect of WebSite testing done entirely from the user's point
of view.  The eValid test suite has everything needed for client-
side analysis, testing, validation & verification, timing/tuning and
loading of WebSites.

eValid is entirely new technology.  The test functions are 100%
built into a web browser.  Unlike older client/server methods eValid
delivers efficient, accurate, repeatable, and unambiguous results --
results that accurately reflect what real users experience.

           FREE Ver. 3.2 Auto-EVAL and One-Click Install:

     o       o       o       o       o       o       o       o

The eValid WebSite Test Suite available today for Windows
NT/2000/XP.  Your Sneak Peek look at eValid Ver. 3.2 will let you
try out all of the following features.

  > General:  As a fully functioning IE-equivalent browser, the
    eValid solution provides a complete client-side view of WebSite
    content quality and performance issues.

    * All features available with pull down menus -- a true point
      and click solution.
    * Accurate, no-overhead (< 1 %) measurements.
    * Metrics popup details data about every page visited.
    * Batch command option, interactive mode, multiple playback
    * Flexible feature-group licensing.
    * Latest up-to-date documentation available online.

  > Site Analysis:  Complete site analysis, with a search spider
    built into the eValid browser, analyzes any type of WebSite --
    including dynamic sites -- exactly the way users see the

    * Programmable search process: time, length, depth of search,
      number of pages.
    * Adjustable protocols, page acceptance and rejection lists.
    * Broken/Unavailable link discovery.
    * Filters applied to every page visited include:  download time,
      page size, page age, metric properties, string match, and
      regular expressions match.
    * 3D-SiteMap applet shows page dependence, performance, size.

  > Functional Testing/Validation:  Complete record/play functional
    & regression testing suite able to keep memory context for
    complex, secure sessions.

    * Multiple validation modes for all page features.
    * Handles all protocols, JavaScript, applets, XML, HTTPS, etc.
    * Simple, easily editable script language.
    * Database-ready response log files.
    * Adaptive playback to enhance life of recorded scripts.
    * Multiple-mode automatic script creation and data generation
    * Test suite management facilities.

  > Timing/Tuning:  Page and session performance measurement as
    delivered to the browser.

    * Page timing and page component tuning data to 1.0 msec
    * Multiple alarms and recovery modes.
    * Built-in result charting applets.
    * Complete user cache control.

  > Server Loading:  LoadTest operation featuring automatically
    launched multiple independent eValid browsers for totally
    realistic load generation.

    * 100% real browser operation (no simulation!).
    * Full scripting and scenario control supports realistic mixes
      of users.
    * Built-in charting applets.
    * eVlite for 1000's of navigation-only playback activity.

  > Test Suite Management:  Comprehensive system for maintenance and
    updates of suites of eValid tests.

    * Hierarchical test suite management structure.
    * On-screen PASS/FAIL reporting with drill-down capability.
    * Fully integrated with eValid batch mode operation.

  > Site Monitoring:  Complete facilities for monitoring and
    measuring WebSites.  Support for systematic, automatic use of
    recorded or engineered scripts.

eValid is the complete WebSite Test Suite.  With one easy-to-use 
interface, one technical architecture.  Everything you need in one 
integrated system.  Check out <http://www.e-valid.com>!