[LON-CAPA-dev] Installation on RedHat7.3

Scott Harrison lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Fri, 10 May 2002 19:19:39 -0400

> /etc/sendmail.cf: line 88: fileclass: cannot open '/etc/mail/local-host-names':
> Group writable directory
> /etc/sendmail.cf: line 513: fileclass: cannot open '/etc/mail/trusted-users':
> Group writable directory
> Broken pipe
> Mail delivery failed, draft mail is in /tmp/metasend.XlGxamP
> [root@s18 root]#
> Yes, the phantom sendmail strangeness is back.  Any thoughts?


chmod g-w,u+w /

fixes the sendmail problem.

Somehow, the top-level root directory (/) on
RH7.2/7.3 is set to drwxrwxr-x

And the mailer gets worried.

I do not know though if this effects other members
of the root group (like bin daemon sys adm disk & wheel).

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