[LON-CAPA-dev] Planned STABLE, Please read I need feedback

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 12:12:20 -0400 (EDT)

I am ignoring any chages after 5:00 p.m. on Friday unless
someone specifically requests me to include a specfic version of a file.

I am planning to STABLE printing.

-----Planned updates:
- typos in capa.config

- Many many updates, going with loncapafiles.lpml v1.119

lonpage - POD, map->foreach, javascript, and mailto links work,
           eval buttons, cleaner URL
lonpageflip - BUG270 (Homework stored with wrong symb)
lonratparms - map to foreach
lonratsrv - BUG242 (Saving new page for the first time broken)
lonsequence - no changes
lonwrapper - needs and is needed by new lonxml
client/code.html - cleanups, better image refs, new browse/search mech
                   (needs new lonindexer)
client/parameter.html - cleaned out warnings

access.conf - moved <Location>s to loncapa.conf
httpd.conf - moved parameters to loncapa.conf
lcpasswd - map to foreach
lcuseradd - map to foreach
lonc - many fixes, should handle signals, and partial data transfers 
       well, cleaned
loncapa.conf - added handlers, and more config info from httpd.conf
                and access.conf
lond - improved handling of strange situations, added user creation 
       handling(UNIX) POD
pwchange - map to foreach
startup.pl - memory savings

lonacc.pm - using new loncommon routines addd_to_env, get_unprocessed_cgi,
             accept passed symbs
lonauth.pm - set browser.type
loncacc.pm - use add_to_env
londes.js - unchanged
lonlogin.pm - no_cache, pass smaller keys, rewrite of login page
roles.tab - dc can bre

- added piml/xfml, work on moving to install from .tar.gz

plot.cgi - passing values cleaner through URL

capa.units - correct oz
edit.pm - sort inserts, editline added, entites protected, search and 
          browse added
grades.pm - pretty up subm table
hint.pm - tex updates, code cleanup
inputtags.pm - BUG191,163,94,64, Submit button renamed
               191( option response/answer submissions:  If one
	       response is omitted graded incorrect.)
	       163(simultaneous numerical responses not graded collectively)
	       94(" are bad in student submissions)
	       64(after deadline submissions)
insertlist.tab - randomlabel tags scoped
lonhomework.pm - memory savings, accept requested targets, analyze target
optionresponse.pm - support target analyze, support tex,
radiobuttonresponse.pm - support printing
randomlabel.pm - check args, support printing, edit mode in namespace
response.pm - parms for hints work, BUG4 (picks correct rndseed when 
              viewing other user)
structuretags.pm - randomlist can do subset, support analyze,
                   after deadline submission, support printing problem
caparesponse.pm - output tol and sig in numerical response problems 
                  when showing answer

- remote updates, welcome screen updates,
    BUG227(CRST goes directly to viewed page if possible)

filetypes.tab - ps,eps,dvi -> ign, add spreadsheet.pm
groupsort.pm - javscript clean
lonchart.pm - expired versus current students, map -> foreach,
              sort by name or section, cache data, BUG105
loncommon.pm - large number of functions added, improved handling of form
               parameters, CSV data handling added, home server lists,
	       authentication javascript added, keyword cleanup
loncommunicate.pm - map to foreach
loncreatecourse.pm - only can use sequences, select domain
loncreateuser.pm - cleanups, can select users homeserver (need v1.35)
londropadd.pm - cleanups, can assign attributes to columns or
                columns to attributes, can pick homeserver (need v1.33)
lonevaluate.pm - uses get_unprocessed_cgi now
lonfeedback.pm - map to foreach, screennames
lonindexer.pm - show only some files, genearlized browse, BUG174
lonmenu.pm - map to foreach, IE on Mac works now
lonmeta.pm - map to foreach
lonmsg.pm - map to foreach, critical message display doesn't screwup first time
            checkall, uncheckall buttons
lonnavmaps.pm - cleaned up, passes symb, handles showing resources in a .page,
                multipart problems partially correct are marked as such,
		multipart problems show their status, <blink> removed
lonparmset.pm - cleanup, show section/student specific resource,
                removed ::reply and ::critical calls links to lonindexer,
		environment setting improved, BUG224
lonpreferences.pm - can modify password now, assign screen name
lonprintout.pm - should be able to print most resources
lonsearchcat.pm - cleanups
lonspreadsheet.pm - user space spreadsheets, hashes work
lonstatistics.pm - cleaned some, discrimination factor added, new presentation,
                   student status selectable.
mydesk.tab - added preferences
printout.pl - handles image conversions

lonnet.pm - use LCParser, HTML in metadata supported,
            reply kills dead connections, change password, hash and array 2 str
	    helper routines, specify a users home, cache resource data,

lonpublisher.pm - switch to LCParser, protect Entities, un/checkall 
                  buttons, adds allows for randomlabel
publisher.html - supports returns and clicks, BUG211

londefdef.pm - printing updates, can print tables, images, <externallink>
lonplot.pm - many small updates, printable, (depends on plot.gif) BUG190,
lontexconvert.pm - new registerurl call
lonxml.pm - memory savings, now use LCParser, html editing improved,
            cleaner javascript, IE should work better, use get_unprocessed_cgi,
	    better warnings
            BUG 227,189,153,68
run.pm - no longer run amuck with $expr, improved error messages
scripttag.pm - better protecting of entities, use editline

----Ignoring Updates:
lonpubdir.pm - resturctured but not finished

anything after friday 5:00 expect for londropadd.pm and
loncreateuser.pm fixes

----Removed Files
-loncapa/doc/L-CPlanning/L-C timeline.htm

-----Added Files (I plan to go with the latest version of these)
  (I am not sure I can guarentee a directory creation if there are no
  files in it)

-----Not Added to STABLE

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