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Subject: [Bio] Lon capa browser suggestion
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Dear Core Group,

This idea is from a student in LBS145.  I don't know if it has merit, but
in principle it seems like a good idea.


>Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 00:48:38 EST
>To: jimsmith@pilot.msu.edu
>Subject: Lon capa browser suggestion
>From: <hornmat2@msu.edu>
>instead of having multiple browser problems on many platforms, why
>dont you have some one write an overshell or even an undershell
>browser code. this would allow for all students to have a browser
>designed for lon capa but since the sheel would run over the default IE
>browser there would be no backward or forward compatibility problems.
>This should be realitively simple do to, i have worked and designed my
>own browser overshell for high graphics pages and its not too hard to
>do. If you have any questions regarding the shell, I would be haooy to
>answer anything i can.
>Matt Horn

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