[LON-CAPA-dev] Re: loncapa.conf

Scott Harrison lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:17:24 -0500

Dear Guy:

five points

> > Because your /etc/httpd/conf/loncapa.conf is newer than
> > CVS:loncom/loncapa.conf,
> Do you mean the date of the last CVS revision of the date on the file
> in my local repository?
> (I have added the mysfu handler to the loncapa.conf file.)

Yes.  /etc/httpd/conf/loncapa.conf is apparently newer than
      the CVS/Entries date corresponding to your
      local CVS:loncom/loncapa.conf

> The current situation is okay, I just would prefer a message saying
> something about noticing that the files are different but I am
> choosing not to install the version in CVS overtop of the version in
> in the install location.

Okay.  Easy to do.  I put this in bugzilla.

> As it is, I think loncapa.conf is a static conf, and srm.conf is now a
> conf file. (srm.conf eventually is going to not be installed by us at
> all right? But rather let apache deal with it.)

For now loncapa.conf is a static conf... however as it acquires the
configurable values of access.conf, it becomes a "conf"... but this
gets into another intermediate issue..........see below....

A linguistic problem that also needs to be resolved.  We should have
(and I know we talked about something like this months ago)

protected conf --- be very paranoid about overwriting (mostly
                   just create .lpmlnew files with proper notification)

Example: srm.conf, and someday, httpd.conf and access.conf
Applicable method of changing: piml; post-installation markup language
    (see webserver.piml)

updated conf --- overwrite this on an update but save .lpmlsave if
                 there is a diff with proper notification

Example: loncapa.conf, hosts.tab
Applicable method of changing: loncaparestoreconfigurations

unprotected conf --- a file that is liberally overwritten like
                     any other file if there is a diff
Example: filetypes.tab; insertlist.tab; language.tab, etc.
Applicable method of changing: overwrite it

Quite a few times people think that "static conf" means
sticky, thus preserved&protected...
Whereas I originally meant static conf to be "unprotected conf"
and "conf" to be protected&updated.

I suppose we should also generate


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