[LON-CAPA-dev] Batch XML Uploading of Courses into Lon-Capa

Young, Joyce E young257 at purdue.edu
Wed Mar 18 13:37:31 EDT 2015

We are currently using Lon-Capa for a small number of courses, but are looking at scaling up our usage. Our current practice is to individually "clone" existing courses. Our vision for the future includes entering many similar courses into Lon-Capa, resulting in several clones with almost identical data.
We're thinking of using the Lon-Capa batch XML upload function (Course Creation => Create courses by uploading an attribute file) to simplify the cloning of similar courses. To create the XML, we're thinking of looking into development of a web page that has the following functions:

1.       Web form to enter course info for one course (converts info to XML)

2.       Send to XML button (begins XML file and/or adds to existing XML file)

3.       Complete XML button (closes tags and completes file). Could then use Lon-Capa import function to import courses in bulk.

4.       Clear form (start new XML file)
Does anyone else use the Lon-Capa "import XML" function for batch loading, and if so, have you already created a web form that is capable of combining multiple requests? I figured it was worth asking the question before we spend time on development.

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