[LON-CAPA-dev] Meeting Notes 08-02-2011

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Wed Aug 3 10:40:48 EDT 2011

Meeting Notes: August 2nd 2011

MSU group

- Bug fixes:
   6493 "Ignoring exemptions for internet domains from session host blocking"
   6459 "Prompt to allow overwrite of previously submitted file in  
"turned_in" portfolio"
   6414 "When more than one category selected in Course Settings,  
storage message wrong"
   6498 "ISE when saving domain setting for notification of course  
requests requiring approval"
   6291 "local and global discussion display preferences are not uniform"

- Eliminate javascript error when submit pressed in .page
- lond -- Constructing URLs -- replace hardcoded 'http' with check for  
protocol used by remote server
- Exporting course as IMS package - more options
      Export single rendering of selected problems in a course to  
testbank file.
    (requirement for third party customized secure exam platform for  
use by CHM at MSU).

- Support added for CentOS 6

- Reset forgotten LON-CAPA password uses user's domain as default selection
      in domain dropdown.

- Additional perlVar for sso_login.
  lonSSOUserDomain - LON-CAPA domain for users logging in via SSO
                        (could be different to default domain of server).

- Mailman (provides mailing list service) updated and migrated to  
different hardware
- LON-CAPA used for Quantitative Literacy assessment for incoming  
freshmen during AOP (Academic Orientation Program); discussions with  
AIS about changes to views of HR tables to support this population.

- Setting of servers to offload to when busy migrated to  
configuration.db.  Supports greater granularity for multi-domain  

A - bug 6466
   - configuration of lonBalancer via configuration.db, with more flexibility
   - bug fixing for 2.10.1 release
   - cloning granularity
   - what's new screen (for 3.0)

- POD for loncoursedata.pm
- Centralizing knowledge of where LON-CAPA tmp directory  
(/home/httpd/perl/tmp) is located in LONCAPA.pm
- Investigating code changes needed to allow walking of course  
(condition evaluation etc.) for a different user (e.g., to support CC  
printout of folders where randompick and/or randomorder are set -- bug  
A - Continue with work on bighash population for different user

- Linking from Stud.IP "portal" into LON-CAPA to support German  
institutions who use that system.
- Started PIML script to move author spaces (bug 1320).

Ostfalia group

Stefan B.
- Update to documentation for DC for Bubblesheet format file.
- Preparations to migrate production server to new hardware/VM
A - server migration
   - check customized localenroll.pm to correct filtering of courses displayed
     in fhwf course catalog
   - update de.pm with new translation for fix for bug 6291

- automated testing (using Firefox plug-in).
- localization change in submission text and tries (inputtags.pm)
- localization change for date status and icon text (lonnavmaps.pm)
- localization for the 'pt' and point (structuretags.pm)
A - goodbye and thanks

- automated testing (using Firefox plug-in).

- Grant management

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

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