[LON-CAPA-dev] Draft of Release Notes for 2.9.0

Felicia Berryman lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 26 May 2010 19:24:02 -0400

Hi Stuart,

On Tue, 2010-03-30 at 21:49 -0400, Stuart Raeburn wrote:
> Draft release notes for the forthcoming LON-CAPA 2.9.
> Stuart Raeburn
> LON-CAPA Technical Director
> ***********
> New Version 2.9.0 Released
> Changes from 2.8.2:
> Course/Community Management
> - The Course Owner can declare other Course Coordinators as  
> "Co-owners", who can choose to accept or deny co-ownership assignment.  
>   (Your institution may use co-ownership to permit access to  
> institutional course rosters by the automated enrollment process.   
> Co-owners are also listed in the Course/Community Catalog, and can be  
> used as a filter when searching for courses.

I think it might be worth mentioning something about the domain
coordinator having the ability to turn automatic ownership for course
coordinators on.  Unless I'm missing something, it seems like if the DC
enables automatic ownership, then it may appear that this feature is
missing from the course preferences.  

> Domain Coordination/Domain Settings
> - A domain may be configured to automatically assign co-ownership  
> status when a Course Coordinator role becomes active in an official  
> course, if the Coordinator is official course personnel (requires  
> customization of localenroll.pm).

Everything else looks good.  Not a big deal, but you may want to clean
up the excess return characters and there is one item with double
parenthesis under the Accessibility heading.  I was able to easily read
and use these release notes except for the co-ownership information