[LON-CAPA-dev] Meeting Notes 02-23-2010

Stuart Raeburn lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Tue, 23 Feb 2010 17:37:14 -0500

Gerd - Discussions with MIT about a test LON-CAPA install
A - look at changes to grading interface for 3.0
     - look at course archiving (gzip/gunzip - performance).

Stefan - loncapa_apache.conf: expires header (12 hours) for static content
  (for /adm/lonIcons, /adm/jQuery, /adm/jsMath, /res/adm/pages, /ckeditor)
- looking at caching issue in Safari  ("always" caches "small"< 25   
50? kb files).
    - "most" of LON-CAPA resources are cached by Safari
A - revisit search for Bachelor's thesis - provide access to  
additional metadata.
- possibly look at "neutrino" bug.

A - Follow up with Cliff Weil re: LON-CAPA as a possible platform for  
calculus resources (NSF engineering student retention grant).

Phil - Previous work on flexible field names for syllabus will be  
implemented for simple page interface.
- Syllabus will operate in three modes (a) single WYSIWYG, (b) upload  
a file, (c) link to an external URL.
- perl-HTML-Tidy-libXML rpm replaced with custom code which no longer  
generates errors in Apache logs for LON-CAPA's special tags  
(<algebra>, <m> etc.).
- RPM dependency will be perl-libXML.pm instead
A - Continue work on WYSIWYG support for <algebra> <chem> <m> <lang> tags.
- Look at HTML parsing in system (checking of valid HTML etc. e.g.,  

Stuart - course owner can clone courses
- lonnet::resizeImage() no longer uses global variable; made more generic
- supported for encrypted URL setting for lonsequence.pm, and for  
links to a group homepage.
- course owner displayed in course preferences
- Autocreate.pl testing
- latest modules/msu/localenroll.pm on data2
A - 2.9 - printout checking.
- reverse three line -> two line headers for print header
- verify printouts on LB271 Fall 2008 on data2
- verify printouts on LB272 Spring 2008 on data2
- Update GCI with <optionresponse> problem with checkbox functionality.
- 2.9 release notes -> dev list
- RPMs
- Anonymous survey