[LON-CAPA-dev] CHECK-RPM messages

Mark Lucas lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Mon, 29 Sep 2008 09:42:20 -0400

I get the following during CHECK-RPM. 

Use of uninitialized value in string eq
at /home/httpd/lib/perl//Apache/lonnet.pm line 8550. (repeated 50+
times- once for each host)
Use of uninitialized value in string eq
at /home/httpd/lib/perl//Apache/lonnet.pm line 8550, <$config> line 4.
Use of uninitialized value in string ne
at /home/httpd/lib/perl//Apache/loncommon.pm line 8333.

          my ($id,$domain,$role,$name,$protocol)=split(/:/,$configline);
            if ($id && $domain && $role && $name) {
                push(@{$name_to_host{$name}}, $id);
                if ($role eq 'library') { $libserv{$id}=$name; }
 >>>>           if ($protocol eq 'https') {
                    $protocol{$id} = $protocol;
                } else {
                    $protocol{$id} = 'http';
It used to show up once, but now shows up a bunch of times (Presumably
it is now iterating over the whole table). It is most likely complaining
that $protocol doesn't exist since most of us don't have some at the end
of our host entry. 

I tried this simple code:
use strict;

my $configline="oucapa2:ohiou:library:capa2.phy.ohiou.edu";
my ($id,$domain,$role,$name,$protocol)=split(/:/,$configline);
if ($protocol eq 'https') {
    print "https\n";
} else {
    print "http\n";

and it works on my fedora desktop.

Any thoughts as to why this is complaining when it is run using
CHECKRPMS as an external process?

The failure on loncommon regards a similar situation with defmail.

Anyone else seeing this in their mail from CHECK-RPMS?

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