[LON-CAPA-dev] Meeting Notes 9-12-2007

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 12 Sep 2007 10:50:58 -0400


 - medschool support
 - tickets
A- BT documentation review
 - feedback on bug 4058
 - fix errors in med school problems using tables
 - rank bugs in advance of future directions meeting
 - expanding LIR offerings 

 - correspondence 
 - helping out Case Mike Kenney
 - student guide sent to Guy
A- template course chemistry
 - loose ends
 - correspondence

 - grant due on 18th
A- new grant
 - metadata meeting in Nov.
 - finish grant

A- chatting with some 4th grade teachers

 - back from vacation
A- bug fixing

 - thursday morning homework-only outage
 - username spacing -> setup reserved usernames
 - domain config screen can set the various machine emails
 - simplepage bug hiding group tools
 - 4400/s6 replacement fans ordered
 - 4400 tapedrive diagnostics looks like we may need a new one
 - looking at adding ability to configure defaut auth type by user
 - mcgill support
A- replace fans
 - nohist_courseids -> stored hash changes
 - course control over appearance in course catalog
 - username namespacing
 - user csv upload creating by domain coordinator
 - sandbox cluster
 - power outage on Friday
 - gnuplot 4.2 on dists other than Fedora
 - campussource 2.5.1

 - out in Europe
 - <languageblock> -> fixing
 - German interface -> UTF-8

 - continues on the response multiple bubble lines

 - cache/memcache 1.21 has a bug in it, working around
 - randomorder added as a parm, fully functional
 - cleanups to grades.pm
 - attributes not in random order on editXML anymore (id tag, etc.)
 - stop translating problem titles on print out 
 - style file editing has headers now and resizing text area
 - multi-entry num response now display on grades screen
 - creating new parms in the overview mode displays parm in correct order
 - external response works again, doc updated, works in edit mode
 - implemented languages subroutine call and doc
 - implemented <translated> idea
 - USASK is happy
 - 2.5.1 released
A- vacation next week, back on Tuesday
 - fix click-on image in .page

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