[LON-CAPA-dev] Meeting notes 10-17-2007

Stuart Peter Raeburn lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Mon, 12 Nov 2007 21:23:34 -0500


Felicia - Support with mid-terms
 - Documentation for students to help them type in a formula.
A - Documentation on formula entry 

Rick - bug 4058 - grading screens for sections/groups etc. completed.
A - Thanks and farewell 

Guy - script without loncapa-perl attribute
 - jMol updates
 - user search remembers last selections for most search params
 - return to last location when viewing
 - essayresponse wysiwig no longer disappears on submission
 - imageresponse - image appears in answer mode if there are spaces
 - error message for mapalias duplicate detection
 - nested startouttext, endouttext more robust
 - two modes for problem status when feedback suppressed (can show
information about bad format etc.)
 - 2.5.2 on s*
 - updated educog's scantronformat.tab
 - checked WYSIWIG bugs and closed (fixed)
A - 2.5.2 announcement
 - multiple answer, previous answer detection fix
 - timezone stuff
 - better undo in edit
 - maxima jails 

Mark - inquiry about inclass "clicker-type" polling without clickers
 - FIRST group discussing anonymizing student data 

Stuart - Toronto (visa)
 - conference website registration form now has "just pre-conf. workshop" 
 - user management
  - uploads of users in CSV files with greater range of roles
 - un/escaping nohist_courseids bug fixed
 - chatted with VCU - LON-CAPA becoming centrally supported
A - look at differential backups
 - user management
 - spamassassin on s16
 - webmail on s16
 - In England from Tuesday 

Ron -4074 multiple bubble lines nearing completion.