[LON-CAPA-dev] Broken links in automated e-mails? V2

Stefan Bisitz lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 28 Feb 2007 18:57:28 +0100

Sorry, a bit too late... (in Germany)
Now, what I really ment:


while testing our new settings for auto-enrollment and a special script
for self-enrollment, I found the following message in my external inbox.
Having this message received is totally ok, but the content seems a bit

1) There are three [_1] instead of the expected content.

2) Another question:
> ... enrolled in section/group .
After "section/group" is only a gap. Is this caused by the missing
LON-CAPA-section ID (not the section NUMBER for auto-enrollment)? In
this specific course, we don't have a section. We only entered a
section number so that auto-enrollment can work.

We haven't changed the part where the e-mails are sent.

Thanks for your help,
Stefan Bisitz

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>From   st.bisitz@fh-wolfenbuettel.de
Sent   Wednesday, February 28, 2007 5:20 pm
To   st.bisitz@fh-wolfenbuettel.de
Subject   [LON-CAPA] New message from bisitz@fhwf

*** This is an automatic message generated by the LON-CAPA system.
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You received a message from [_1] in LON-CAPA. The subject is


=== Excerpt ============================================================
The following 1 change(s) occurred in Automatische Kurseinschreibung -
gkcode as a result of the automated classlist update:

The following 1 student(s) was/were added to this LON-CAPA course:

Martin Rambke (0815) - rambke enrolled in section/group . Access starts:
immediately, ends: Fri Jun  1 18:00:00 2007 (CEST).




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