[LON-CAPA-dev] 5-23-2006

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Tue, 23 May 2006 13:09:03 -0400 (EDT)


 - conference forced bugfixing flushed out some corners
 - escaped session environment was causing some oddities in printing
   and token access (for student photos)
 - jsMath 3.3
 - init_tth now called on all pages
 - non-proctored slots now functional
 - metadata default packages defintions weren't properly cascading
A- getting proctored-sequence-problem-slot checkin working correctly
 - Task <QuestionText> and nested <Question>s
 - un-obsoleted is working oddly in CSTR
 - look ahead to release, see if things need cutting
 - need to get montioring scripts email out to -admin
 - get a release schedule upon install.loncapa.org
 - CSS

 - usability study (CC) should be done
 - Conference! Woo-Hoo!
 - Fox -> LC in a training environment?
A- some old tickets ...
 - some BT interest
 - summer workkshop prep
 - documentation machine

 - getting handback version done properly
A- finish up the handback location
 - message to students about the new file (message, in the problem, 
	in portfolio (see all versions)

 - Sections/Group -> Sections
 - @ -> :
 - prevent the use of sections name 'none' or 'all'
 - updated docs -> course_groups
 - created longroup
 - coursegroup_portofoli works ...
 - cloncoursegroups was readding removed users
 - group column are sortable
 - change priv no longer resets group access dates
 - uncommited -> loncreatecourse -> 'Create Angelesque Discussion Groups'
                                 -> accept XML description upload
 - training course creation automation
A- FIE paper
 - portfolio allowing public access
 - course group 'fixes' + functionality
 - installation (-prereq rebuild (Suse Sles unzip, FC4/3 Date-manip),
                 FC5 later)

 - trying to get gzipping of of old unused .db files working
A- testing of the gzipping
 - ?

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