[LON-CAPA-dev] 6-27-2006

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 28 Jun 2006 13:16:01 -0400 (EDT)


 - conference loose ends
 - a semester of Alg 1 finished
 - test alg 2
 - dump guide revisions
A- continue alg 2 testing
 - user guide revision
 - "thedump" officer assignment

 - workshop
 - access controls for portfolio public/passphrase/domain/user/course
 - worked on course group home pages and discussion group folders, should
   only show to group members (in progress uncommitted)
 - discovered why mozilla didn't like chat
 - SuSE & sles & pwdutils -> user installation error apparently
 - tickets & phone calls 
 - machines service contracts are ordered
A- access controls for portfolio passphrase access needs to auth passphrase
 - work on course group tools (discussion borad/pages)
 - customize mail interface for email
 - group roster access
 - s3 pulled
 - FC5 documentation
 - Announcement on s* about monday downtime
 - 4817 - working on
        - no superfulous version created
        - handback file message includes link
A- finish off 4817
 - look into regrading with handbacked
 - portfolio showing versioned files

 - NSF back and forth
A- NSF back and forth
 - SME 864 -> Web Tools for teachers

 - pagination -> should be working
 - username with _ failing
A- username with _ more work

 - workshop, planning training
 - sue can work from home now
    - installed on windows (PuTTY, Xming, LyX, Ghostview, http://www.sftpdrive.com/)
A- upgrade machine
 - look at coding algae problems
 - code example problem for Fred Jacobs
 - turn usability reports into separate bug reports, Cc Gerd and Stuart

Mark Lucas
 - fixups to Role 'freezing' preferences screen and stored data
 - plaintext understands custom roles
 - roles screen displays Custom role descriptions again

 - Group Vs. Group
 - tag been set for 2.2.X
 - CSS styling to lonpubdir/portfolio/parmset (some of)/lonhelpmenu
 - pokes to nav layout so it lines up in all tested browsers
 - portfolio access settings XML -> hashref
 - Apache::lonhomework::type was bleeding value between users
 - lonhelper -> new <skip> mechanism
 - added a lonnet::error routine for correctly identifying when errors occured 
   when trying to db information
 - lonnet::dump now automagically detects the 'db file doesn't exist' state
   and no longer returns this error message
 - lonxml::error add hostid to error messages
A- writing release notes for 2.2 (
 - testing seesion (hopefully Wed.)
 - install 2.1.99.X on s* on July 3rd
 - Meet on Monday 7/3rd 11:55 !

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