[LON-CAPA-dev] 6-6-2006

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 8 Jun 2006 11:51:54 -0400 (EDT)


 - Sue machine and CVS training
 - tickets!
 - dump -> requester gateway to ticketing software
A- workshop -> stuff still needs handling
 - 22 people signed up for workshop
 - workshop still doing logistics
 - get the dump website onto s16... adn get thedump.loncapa.org added
 - take a look at handedback file display

 - starting on '4786' -> handle multi user multipage output
   so that the page count is constant
A- continue on 4786

 - dump stuff -> 45 algebra poblems
 - new guide for teachers on how to use 'the dump' (and website..)
A- 4774 (enable location/url in lonindexer popups)
 - more dump adding

 - announcement of handedback added to problem display
A- add info to lock records for handedback locked files
 - display versioned files in portfolio

 - a course that is a 'discussion group' now supported (some more
   word translation continues to need to occur)
 - public portfolio files started
     - file_permissions adding some new types of records (currently arrays 
       will be switching to hashes)
     - added column for 'acces setting'
 - LON-CAPA dependency list generated (possibly more complet then ever 
A- SuSE 9.3 -> rebuild the prereq RPM
 - httpd.conf zaphod -> cataloging form available by url
 - loacc/lonnet::allowed to actually respect the public setting
 - course 'discussion group' word replacement continues
 - course groups roster/discussion boards/group email/etc work on
 - student initiated 

 - parmaterlog limits display length
 - dynamic metadata in indexer was not displaying
 - german help directory 
 - entering a course finds the first real resource to be displayed (and
   supports it being encyrpted)
 - entering a course now does a better checking of the course structure
 - tie/untie locking of hashes easier to use
A- ?

 - @ -> : update of grading queue / slots 
 - EXT gets values from the 'to be commited' results hash if it's available
 - course type updates
 - when SSOed login it's remebered in the session env
 - session creation now creates a properly escpaed session
 - Switched AuthType from Basic to LONCAPA
 - data tabling
 - lond wasn't locking session env and thus class enrollment photos didn't
    always show
 - CANNOT_ANSWER failed to show student's answer in the maxtries situation
A- xml -> BT 
 - @ -> : test ondata
 - slots checking into sequences of hw 

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