[LON-CAPA-dev] Meeting Notes 9-27-2005

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Tue, 27 Sep 2005 13:24:24 -0400 (EDT)

Hi All,


 - tickets request hare up, midterms seem to be the reason.
A- double checking up on Ron's work
 - exam stuff for mth 112
 - looking for bugs to test if resolved

 - PT3 meeting - demo portfolio stuff for College of Ed
               - seems to have gone well
A- Catchin' up on BT status

 - Nothin'
 - Having fun in East Lansing!
 - automated enrollments not up yet but should be fairly easy (need info 
   from ADG)

 - 2500 enrollments 
 - Consortium document finalization
A- Hiring full time developer
 - hopefully signing the consortium document soon

 - back and forth on the Instructor defined metadata 
   restrictions should look like
A- continue work on implementing IDMR
 - Discussing how one might go about attaching files to instructor
   feedback to students on grading

 - Dell tool port dracs in s1-8 
 - internal_redirect was being called during access rather than the 
   correct Content phase 
 - emails about student images, and Single Sign on support
 - "What's New" no longer handgrade parts in problem display
 - lonnotify modifications (almost working) needing a domain level db
A- wrap-up lonnotify
 - clone 'into' a course (perhaps make parts of cloning optional)
 - What's New -> make boxes optional
 - RPMS for SLES 9 64-bit

 - Harvard person will be coming (Week of Oct. 24th) to chat about running 
   things in spring
 - UT HW Service meeting up with us to take a look at what were doing
 - NSDL bidirectional search started looking at
 - Harvard concept tests converted to -> harvardl1
 - Xavier U added to Sloan Semester
A- NSDL bi directional search continue looking at
 - part correctness display on problems that aren't open.
 - need to spend money

 - text wrapping of images
 - printing FAQ updates
A- 'new page' settings not unchecking

 - Math::Complex, Math::Cephes::Matrix added for 2.1
 - Bridge Task bugfixing
 - lots of bug fixes all over
A- 2.0.2 this week Friday?
 - BT - more slot management - edit/delete show a restricted set of
 - Future features 
 - document the existence of Math::Complex and Math::Cephes::matrix in safe 

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