[LON-CAPA-dev] PARMSET thoughts

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 20 Jan 2005 11:47:05 -0500 (EST)

Hi Mark,

> I really like the idea of a PARM area that looks like the ENRL area to
> some extent. I imagine an entry level screen with links (not buttons) such as:

I like though the labels you suggested here are a bit confusing

> Set/Modify Course Assessment Parameters
> Modify Course Assessment Parameters

I understand the difference beteween these two, but it is somewhat
unclear why youd pick one over the other.

> The old method of dealing with parameters would not be thrown away, but
> it would simply be one option, as before. Because of the navigation
> capabilities, you would not need all the extra crud at the top of the
> screen (which currently keeps the table from showing immediately).

Me likey.

> 'Enhanced Helper'
> While I know there are complaints about too many clicks (thus cram it on
> one page), I've been finding that I can tolerate extra clicks in things
> like printing when the defaults are intelligently set.
> Limited choices per page can cause less confusion.
> What about the following for a more advanced helper?
> Page 1: Set Parameters for whom:
>     Everyone?
>     Sections?  Select
>     Individual Students?  Select
> Page 2: Set What Parameters? and for What groupings?
>     Default for whole course?
>     For Specific folder?
>     For individual resources in folder?
>     For individual parts of resources in folder?
>     Show list of all possible parameters to set with check boxes
>     Allow buttons to unset or set all.
>     REMEMBER the selection for the defaults for the next visit so they
>        don't necessarily have to be set again.
> Page2b: If Folder, then present something to select the folder. 
>      If on its own page, might be able to find something less cumbersome
>     than dropdown box, but relatively compact.

The helper has a mode for doing this, if you run through the access
times one let me know what you think.

> Page 3: Overview-like page that presents the options requested all on
> one page.
>     - downside, requires submit button to make sure everything 'takes'
>     - downside, parameters want an initial default filled in, but
>           may not be set - don't want to set extraneous parameters
>     + everything set on one page, things like select date calendars can
>       be incorporated

Sounds good, I am not sure the downsides are as bad as you make them
out to be...

> As an aside, several of the faculty from U of I had very positive things
> to say about Dennis Kane's 'Tycho' parameter setting and gradebook.

Hrrm, doesn't appear to be anyway for me to see these. I can try out
problems but not much beyond that.

I like the 'Help!' problems.

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