[LON-CAPA-dev] cvs update

Matthew Brian Hall lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 23 Jun 2004 10:08:13 -0400


Last week I sent out an email asking people to not update their cvs 
repositories until they heard from me.  This was due to some code being 
checked in which made all the development machines unusable until the users' 
system was updated and an encryption key was obtained from Ron Fox.  Ron's 
email describing the needed steps apparently did not make it out to the 
developer mailing list.  I've attempted to put together the necessary 
packages required to run the new code but I have been unable to test them 
for completeness.  Since Ron is unavailable currently we need to work around 
the situation.  It is quite frustrating to be telling everyone to update 
their repository every day and then have to send an email out asking them 
not to.  But this is a chance for a brief review of CVS. 

The fix is to check out specific versions of some of the files: 

cd loncapa/loncom 

cvs update -r 1.30 LondConnection.pm
cvs update -r 1.193 lond
cvs update -r 1.4 lonlocal.pm
cvs update -r 1.7 lonssl.pm
cvs update -r 1.47 loncnew 

And then 

cd .. 

cvs update -d 

When you issue a "cvs update" in the future, the versions of lond and the 
other modules will be preserved - in the cvs vernacular, they are "sticky". 
Changes you see float by the cvs mailing list which apply to these files 
will not be made to your system.  Please avoid modifying these files for the 
time being. 

I imagine that by this time next week we will tell you to issue a "cvs 
update -A".  The "-A' parameter causes cvs to reset all "sticky" tags, 
causing the system to update every file. 


Matthew Hall           hallmat3@msu.edu
LON-CAPA developer
Michigan State University