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raeburn raeburn at source.lon-capa.org
Mon Mar 25 14:38:31 EDT 2024

raeburn		Mon Mar 25 18:38:31 2024 EDT

  Added files:                 
  - Add initial German language file for LON-CAPA Daxe.
    So far only 7 of 88 strings have translations from English to German. 

Index: modules/damieng/graphical_editor/loncapa_daxe/web/LocalStrings_de.properties
+++ modules/damieng/graphical_editor/loncapa_daxe/web/LocalStrings_de.properties
# Insert panel
filter = Filter:
all_elements = All elements
loncapa_elements = LON-CAPA elements
html_elements = HTML elements
block_elements = Block elements
inline_elements = Inline elements

# Toolbar insert buttons
insert_m = Insert a TeX equation
insert_lm = Insert a LON-CAPA math equation

# Toolbar Section menu
Section = Section
activity = Aktiviät
advice = Advice
bibliography = Bibliography
citation = Citation
conclusion = Conclusion
definition = Definition
demonstration = Demonstration
example = Example
explanation = Explanation
introduction = Introduction
method = Method
more_information = More Information
objectives = Objectives
prerequisites = Prerequisites
remark = Remark
reminder = Reminder
summary = Summary
syntax = Syntax
warning = Warning

# Templates menu
Templates = Aufgabenvorlagen

# Help menu
help = Hilfe
getting_started = Getting Started
author_manual = Autorenhandbuch
about_lcdaxe = About LON-CAPA Daxe

# About dialog
lcd_about_html = <p>The LON-CAPA Daxe editor is based on the <a href="http://adopt.github.io/daxe/" target="_blank">Daxe</a> XML editor for the web. It adds an XML schema, Daxe configuration and user interface code for the markup language used by LON-CAPA documents.</p><p>Both editors are distributed under the <a href="https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html" target="_blank">GPL3</a> licence, and can be modified and redistributed under the same licence.</p>

# Preview
reset_submissions = Einreichungen zurücksetzen
new_randomization = Neue Variation

# LCDBlock
advanced = advanced
simple = simple
simpleui_not_possible = It is not possible to switch to simple UI for this element.

# LCDBlock sublasses, simpleUIPossible
attribute_problem = The switch to simple UI is not possible because of this attribute: 
no_attribute = There should be no attribute on this element to switch to simple UI.
element_prevents = An element prevents the switch to simple UI:
one_textline = The response needs a single textline element for a switch to simple UI.
one_textfield = The response needs a single textfield element for a switch to simple UI.
one_hintgroup_max = The switch to simple UI is not possible when more than one hintgroup is used.

# Lm
lm_symbols = symbols
lm_units = units

# TeXMathJax
evaluate_variables = Evaluate variables

# LCDParameter
template = Template

# several responses
switch_to_simple_ui = Modifications to switch to simple UI
switch_to_advanced_ui = Modifications to switch to advanced UI
field_size = field size

# SimpleHintgroup
hint = Hint:

# RadioFoilgroup
foil_selection = Foil selection
insert_foil = Insert a foil
remove_foil = Remove this foil
there_can_be_only_one = There can be only one true foil for simple UI.

# RadioFoil
click_to_select = Click on a radio button to select the correct answer

# OptionFoilgroup
possible_options = Possible options:
add_option = Add an option
foils = Foils:
add_foil = Add a foil
options_change = Change to the options

# RankResponse
inserts_for_simple_ui = Insert foilgroup and hintgroup for simple UI

# RankFoilgroup
rename_foils = Rename the foils
reorder_foils = Reorder the foils
rank_foil_values = Foil values have to be integers to use the simple UI.
rank_foil_values_unique = Foil values have to be unique to use the simple UI.

# NumericalResponse
tol = tolerance
sig = significant digits
advanced_response_param = An advanced response parameter is used.

# OrganicResponse
readonly_field = read-only field
edit_with_jsme = Edit with JSME
option_autoez = Auto E,Z stereochemistry
option_multipart = Multipart Structures
option_nostereo = No stereochemistry
option_reaction = Is a reaction
option_number = Able to number atoms

# Itemgroup
item_to_match = Items to match:
add_item = Add an item

# MatchItem
item_name_change = Change to an item name
item_move = Item move

# MathAnswer
algorithm = Algorithm:

# Textfield
spellcheck = spellcheck for

# Section and h1
section_title = Section Title
section_contents = Section Contents
no_specific_role = No specific role

# OrganicStructure
option_border = Rahmen

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