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The Menu display panel in Course Settings can be used to define different collections of menu items which will be included in the header and footer sections when displaying LON-CAPA content in course context.  Each collection is modifiable, and the interface supports definitions of multiple collection(s) in a course. Each collection definition is assigned an integer identifier starting at 1.  Once a menu collection has been defined, it can be set to apply as the default collection of menu items shown in the course. If no numbered menu collection is set as the default, then the standard set of menus (i.e., all items the current user's role is permitted to see) will be shown.

Besides the ability to set a non-standard set of menu items as a default for the course, a numbered menu collection can also be selected as the sixth option when setting the ``Deep-linked items'' (deeplink) parameter at a resource or folder level via Settings $>$ Content Settings.

When a particular collection is specified in a deeplink parameter, then the menu collection in effect for the ``deep-linked'' resource originally accessed when first launching the current LON-CAPA session via a deep-link (e.g., by a following a link to a short URL in a web page external to LON-CAPA) will be the default for the session. In this context the default menu collection for the course will be overridden by the collection set for the ``deeplink login'' for the duration of the session, i.e., until logout, or the browser window is closed, and a direct log-in to LON-CAPA is used.

Note: if a resource is accessed which is different from the original ``deeplink login'' target used to launch the session, but is still displayable, under the scope rules of the original deep-link login, then if that resource has a deeplink parameter in effect which specifies a different numbered menu collection from the one in effect for the `deeplink login'', then the collection in effect for the resource itself is the one which will apply when displaying that particular resource.

Each menu collection definition contains five main items:

\item \textbf{Hierarchy}
If a checkbox is checked for one of four menu areas, that area will be included in the rendered page. Areas are:
\item Header - the first row of menus on a LON-CAPA page which can contain name, role, course title, and links to non-course-specific functions.
\item Inline menu - the second row of menus on a LON-CAPA page which can contain links to course-specific functions (Content, Grades, Groups etc.)
\item Footer - the last row of function items on a LON-CAPA page which can contain links to Post Discussion or Send Feedback.
\item Main Menu - the separate LON-CAPA main menu page, which can be launched by clicking 'Main Menu' from any LON-CAPA page.

\item \textbf{Text}
Items (name, role, course title) shown in the first row of menus, and communication links shown in the page footer.

\item \textbf{Header links}
Links shown in the first row of menus which include:
\item Drop-down list of ``Personal'' functions available by hovering over the current user's name at top left.
\item LON-CAPA logo (links to ``About LON-CAPA'' page)
\item Messages link to read or send messages to other LON-CAPA users
\item Roles/Courses link to switch to a different role or re-select the current role
\item Help link to access documentation
\item Logout link used to end a LON-CAPA session.

\item \textbf{Drop-down list}
Links (``About Me'' page, User Preferences, Portfolio, Stored Links, Calendar and user's own RSS Feeds) which are included in the drop-down list available at top left.

\item \textbf{Inline links}
Links to course-specific functions: Contents, Grades, Chat, Classlist (if enabled), Groups (if available), Reservations (if available), Syllabus (if not explicitly included in course structure), course RSS feeds (if available).


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