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+\textbf{Bubblesheet format file}
 Where bubblesheet exams are used in a course, the format of data in the
 file generated from the processing of bubbled-in bubblesheets may
 vary between institutions. The format definitions available when performing
@@ -80,3 +83,34 @@
 \item msucodenum:MSU with CODE in separate location (number format):-1:69:6:57:9:77:1:
+\textbf{Bubblesheet data upload formats}
+Starting with LON-CAPA 2.11.3, bubblesheet data generated from the processing of bubbled-in bubblesheets to be uploaded to a course may either be column data (i.e., in a .dat file) or comma separated value data (in a .csv file). Internally in LON-CAPA all bubblesheet data will be stored in .dat format, with start and end column numbers for different pieces of information defined by one of the entries in custom.tab (if in use) or default.tab.
+If the checkbox for csv data is checked then a CSV Column Mapping table will be displayed, which will be used to designate the column location in the CSV data (with 1 being the leftmost column) for each of:
+\item Paper ID
+\item Last Name
+\item First Name
+\item Student ID
+\item Section
+\item CODE
+\item First Question Response
+Responses to additional question(s) should occur in column(s) immediately to the right of the column for the first question.  Besides mapping columns to contents, there are also three Yes/No options: 
+\item Remove first line in file?
+\item Prepend 0s to PaperID?
+\item Remove leading spaces?
+If the original CSV data includes an initial row with column titles, indicate removal of the first line.  If the data in each column, is padded with spaces, indicate removal of leading spaces. Note: this will not remove spaces from data in any columns which are designated to contain question responses.
+Note: the expectation is that all bubblesheet data in CSV format used in a domain will have the same arrangement of columns, so that  a ``CODE'' column will be present at the same location in data for both CODEd (i.e., anonymous) exams, and ``named'' exams, with the only difference being that the tables cells will be empty for that column in the case of bubblesheet data from students in a ``named'' exam.      
+If both .dat and .csv formats are specified for the domain, then when either a user assigned a Bubblesheet Scanning Operator role in the domain or a Course Coordinator uploads bubblesheet data to a course, the uploader will specify the data format: Plain Text or CSV.  If CSV is chosen, and there is more than one bubblesheet type in the domain's default.tab (or custom.tab), then the uploader will also need to specify the bubblesheet type. 

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