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 	\item Force use of a specific math rendering engine
 	\item Set default options for $<$m$>$ tags when 
 converting \LaTeX{} to html. 
+        \item Student formula entry uses inline preview, not DragMath pop-up
+        \item Molecule editor uses JSME (HTML5) in place of JME (Java)
+        \item Chemical reaction response uses inline preview, not pop-up
 Style files (.sty extension) created in Authoring Space and published to the shared content pool
 can be selected for use when rendering resources in the course by clicking the 
@@ -20,11 +23,21 @@
 Problem Receipts will be displayed by default when feedback on correctness is being displayed to a student, and the student has submitted the correct solution. See the ``Verify a Submission Receipt Number'' section (\ref{Grade_Verify}).
-default for math rendering\index{math rendering} is to convert using the display 
-mechanism that the user has selected in preferences.
+If ``Force use of a specific math rendering engine'' is set to none, then the math display mechanism used to render LaTeX within <m></m> tags is determined in the following order, with the first one set being the one in effect:
+\item User's own personal preference set by the user hovering over the user's name at top left of a LON-CAPA page, and selecting Preferences $>$ Math display settings
+\item Domain default set by a Domain Coordinator 
+\item System default set for the LON-CAPA version installed on the server (tth in 2.11 and earlier)
 This can be overriden by setting the attribute display to one of \textbf{MathJax},  
-\textbf{mimetex} or
-\textbf{tth} which will force a specfic display mechanism.
+\textbf{mimetex} (i.e., Convert to Images) or
+\textbf{tth} (i.e., TeX to HTML) which will force a specific display mechanism.
+The behavior of the textboxes where students enter either an algebraic formula (formularesponse) or a chemical reaction (reactionresponse) is inherited from settings in the domain.  The default, in the absence of a specific domain setting, is to use an inline preview which appears below the textbox, as the expression is typed.  The domain default can be overridden within a specific course if it is preferred to use the old pop-up window displays in either case.
+Similarly, the the molecular editor display will use the domain setting, unless overridden within a specific course.  If nothing is explicitly set in the domain or the course, then the default is to use JSME instead of its JME predecessor.

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