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  - Update documentation for WAF/Reverse Proxy domain config for SSO URL.
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 The ``Web Application Firewall/Reverse Proxy'' domain configuration is used to indicate
 if a WAF is in use, and if so, to provide the alias assigned to each LON-CAPA
 server which will use the WAF.  For each one there is also an option to indicate whether 
-a node supporting Shibboleth Single Sign On, will use the alias when redirecting to /adm/sso.
+a node supporting Single Sign On, will use the alias when redirecting to the URL used
+to trigger SSO authentication: default is /adm/sso, but can be set in an Apache config
+file using: PerlSetVar lonOtherAuthenUrl $<$other URL$>$
 \item\textbf{Determining a user's remote IP address}

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