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  - Document use of Slots Management utility in stead of Parameter utilities 
    for display of current student reservations for student-schedulable slots.
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 Lastly, slots can also be used as a reservation system, e.g., for office hours, where there 
 is no need for a student to actually submit anything to the assessment item for which access 
 is controlled by slots, but the time/date of the reservation itself made by a student to 
-gain access is of value. 
+gain access is of value.\\\\
 \textbf{Course Coordinator View}
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@
 choices to be made when configuring a slot.
 \item By creating a comma-separated-value (CSV) file containing slot attributes and uploading 
-the file using the Slot Management utility.
+the file using the Slot Management utility, see ``Uploading Slot Attributes File'' section (\ref{{Slot_CommaDelimited}).
@@ -100,11 +100,12 @@
 \caption{Parameter setting for student-schedulable slot}
-Although a Course Coordinator can use parameter management tools to display the ``Slots of 
-availability selected by student'' (availablestudent) parameter, those tools only allow it 
-to be set for the scope of a specific user.  In any event, there is no need to use those tools
-because the Slot Management Utility provides a mechanism to view a list of students who have 
-reserved a slot, and to remove some or all of the reservations, as needed.
+Although a Course Coordinator can use either Settings $>$ Content Settings $>$ Edit Resource 
+Parameters - Table Mode or Settings $>$ Content Settings $>$ Modify Resource Parameters - 
+Overview Mode to display values set for specific users for ``Slots of availability selected 
+by student'' (availablestudent), the preferred method is to use the Slot Management Utility.
+The utility provides the ability to view a list of students who have reserved a slot, and 
+also to remove some or all of the reservations, as needed.
 For student-schedulable slots, each slot includes a History link below the Edit link in the
 leftmost column of the table of slots. The History link provides access to information about
@@ -225,7 +226,7 @@
 Conversely, if the student already has a reservation for this second slot for this particular 
 resource, then assuming IP-based restrictions are met, the student will either be shown a 
 proctor validation screen if the slot uses a proctor, or if not, will be checked-in 
-automatically when displaying the resource.
+automatically when displaying the resource.\\\\

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