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 with the expected values for that release retrieved from one of the Academic 
 Consortium servers (if your server is part of the LON-CAPA network).
 An alert is sent if checksums or versions don't match, or if a new LON-CAPA
-version has been announced.
+release has been announced.
 \item \textbf{LON-CAPA server status}
 A nightly run of the /home/httpd/perl/loncron script will generate an e-mail 
 if the weighted total of notices, warnings (weighted by 4), and errors
@@ -69,7 +69,14 @@
 the case where a domain has not set that information, or the
 domain can not be contacted to retrieve it, then the fall-back is 
 to use the settings for helpdesk requests for other (unconfigured) 
-domains.  The following can be set for the two classes of user: 
+domains.  For a domain's users, if institutional user types have been
+defined for the domain (see \textit{Default authentication/language etc.} 
+(\ref{Domain_Configuration_LangTZAuth}), then helpdesk settings for e-mail
+recipients can be set for the different user types, which will override
+the defaults. When a help request is submitted the requester's user type
+will determine the recipients of the e-mail. The following can be set for 
+the two classes of user (own domain, and other domains), as well as for
+the domain's user types. 
 \item \textit{E-mail recipient(s)}
@@ -79,8 +86,9 @@
 \item \textit{Optional added text}
 A text string can automatically be added to each e-mail, 
 either prepended to the subject, or to the body of the message.
-\item \textit{Extra helpdesk form fields}
+\textbf{Extra helpdesk form fields}
 The user's e-mail address, and the message subject and description are 
 always required fields in the web form. The following are additional
 fields which can be set to be one of: optional or not shown.
@@ -100,5 +108,3 @@
 If the File upload field is to be displayed, the allowed size of the
 upload can be specified (the default is 1.0 MB).

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