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-\textbf{stringresponse} implements a string answer. An internal \textbf{textline}
-tag (see \textbf{\ref{textline}}) is necessary for the student's
-response to go in. It can check the string for either case or order.
+\textbf{numericalresponse} implements a numerical answer,
+it needs an internal \textbf{textline} for the the response to go in.
+It checks all styles of numerical supported in CAPA.
 Possible attributes are:
-\item \textbf{answer}\index{answer}: required. Specifies the correct answer,
-either a perl list or scalar.
-\item \textbf{type}\index{type}: optional. Specifies how the string is
-checked (like the CAPA styles). Possible values are:
-\item \textbf{cs}\index{cs}: \textbf{c}ase \textbf{s}ensitive, order important.
-\item \textbf{ci}\index{ci}: \textbf{c}ase \textbf{i}nsensitive, order
-\item \textbf{mc}\index{mc}: case insensitive, order unimportant. The mnemonic
-for this option is {}``\textbf{m}ultiple \textbf{c}hoice'', which
-is how it was used in CAPA: To allow the user to specify choices from
-a multiple choices problem, as in {}``adce'', meaning parts a, d,
-c, and e are true. Order didn't matter in such a problem. In LON-CAPA,
-using \textbf{optionresponse} with True and False foils would be preferable,
-but this will remain supported for easier CAPA to LON-CAPA conversion.
+\item \textbf{answer}\index{answer}: required, specifies the correct
+answer, may be either a perl list or scalar
+\item \textbf{unit}\index{unit}: optional, specifies unit of correct answer, CAPA style

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