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-Currently there is a single option which can be set via a 
-Domain's Help Settings configuration screen. Additional options will
-be added in the future.
-For now, a choice can be made whether to include display of a link to 
-LON-CAPA's bug reporting system -- \emph{http://bugs.loncapa.org/} -- to
-logged in users who have an authoring or course coordination 
-role in the system.
+Domain Support Settings include:
-If enabled, a link is displayed in two places:
+\item Option to enable or disable display of a link to LON-CAPA's bug reporting 
+If enabled (the default) the link -- \emph{http://bugs.loncapa.org/} -- is shown
+only to to logged in users who have an authoring or course coordination
+in the system, and the link is displayed in two places:
@@ -21,4 +21,40 @@
-The default is to display the link to the bug reporting system.
+\item Custom Helpdesk Roles
+Users assigned a Domain Helpdesk role may also be assigned rights to 
+select specified custom ad hoc course roles from the roles screen.
+Each custom ad hoc course role is created by a Domain Coordinator via
+the Support Settings screen.  A name (which will be permanent) is 
+assigned to the role, as are the privileges in a course available with 
+that role. The privileges can be modified at any time.
+If it is planned to use tiered helpdesk support for a LON-CAPA domain,
+the different ad hoc roles might be named: levelone, leveltwo etc.,
+with greater privileges assigned to the higher level support role(s).
+To permit a user with an unexpired ``Domain Helpdesk'' role use of
+an ad hoc custom course role, a Domain Coordinator must assign
+rights to the particular user to use that role.
+Once custom ad hoc roles exist in a domain, an ``Ad Hoc Course Roles
+Selectable via Helpdesk Role'' block, listing the custom roles, will be
+included in the standard ``Modify existing user'' page used by a
+Domain Coordinator to modify authentication, user information,
+and roles for a particular user.
+On his/her own roles page a user assigned a Domain Helpdesk role will see 
+one or more role names in the ``Ad hoc course/community roles in domain''
+line beneath the Select button for the helpdesk role itself.
+For each role name a Select Course/Community link will be included.
+Clicking the link will display a pop-up window used to search for (and
+select) the course/community in which the corresponding ad hoc custom
+role will be used.
+When a user has selected an ad hoc custom course role, the role name
+will be displayed at the top left of each LON-CAPA page, after the word 

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