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  - Updated link texts
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+++ loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Prefs_Notification.tex	Wed Apr 16 17:44:02 2014
@@ -18,8 +18,9 @@
 then select \includegraphics[width=0.03\paperwidth]{pref} \textbf{Set user preferences}
 in the \textbf{My Space} group.
 \item At the \textbf{Set my user preferences} screen, click the
-  \underbar{Message Forwarding and Notification} link in the \textbf{Messages and Notifications} group.
-\item In the \textbf{Forward messages to other account(s) in LON-CAPA} section, check the checkbox labeled \textbf{Add new address} 
+  \underbar{Message \& Notifications} link in the \textbf{Messages \& Notifications} group.
+\item In the \textbf{E-mail notification of LON-CAPA messages} section, check
+the checkbox labeled \textbf{Add new address}
 \item Type a notification address into the text field
    labeled \textbf{Notification address}. This should be an Internet email
    address like \texttt{user at example.com}

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