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 a ``Composite page'' which resides within a course rather than in the published
-The underying XML structure, and 
+The underlying XML structure, and 
 behavior of a .page file are the same as used for a ``Composite page'',
 which can be added to a course using the Course Editor.  One difference
 between the two is that for a .page in Authoring Space,  one of the
@@ -84,9 +84,15 @@
 into the other course from the Course Editor's clipboard.
 The course manual describes ways to combine resources in folders, 
-which is an alternative to creating composite pages. The advantage of a .page
-is that they can be printed all at once. The disadvantage is that once a .page
-is published, the contents are more difficult to change. Publishing a .page
+which is an alternative to creating composite pages. A potential advantage of a
+a composite page is that the browser's inbuilt capabilities can be used to print 
+all resources included within a page with a single ``Print'' call. 
+That said, LON-CAPA's own print utility which creates PDFs allows students
+to print all resources in a folder to a single PDF,
+which lessens the advantange that accrues from use of a composite page.
+The disadvantage of use of a published .page is that once a .page
+is published, reordering or modifying the contents requires use of the resource
+assembly tool in authoring space, followed by republication. Publishing a .page
 in the repository is suggested if the content does not need to change.
 For more information on .pages, see the section \ref{Sequence_Page_Maps}

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