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 \caption{Creating a New Course\label{Creating a New Course Figure}}
 Courses have a Top-level map which defines the whole course. This Top-Level
 map will often contain maps corresponding to homework assignments,
 chapters, or units. To view your maps, you will need to make them part of
-a course. Only Domain Coordinators can make courses and set their Top-level
-maps, so work with your Domain Coordinator if you need to view your maps.
+a course.
+When a course is first created a top-level map will be generated. This top-level
+map will be an ``internal'' sequence file which is managed using the 
+\textbf{Course Editor}.  It is also possible to set a course's Top-Level map to
+be a published sequence, but that is very rarely done.  In that case the Course Editor 
+would no longer be used to manage course content.
+In the typical case a course's ``Main Content'' arae corresponds to the top-level map, 
+an the Course Editor is used to add, remove or re-order content within it. Users 
+assigned the role of Course Coordinator in a course will upload content 
+or import published content into the course. Folders and sub-folders
+can be created using the Course Editor, and content uploaded/imported into them.
+The content can include published maps (both sequences and pages). Sequences will
+appear as folders in the Course Contents listing.  See the Course Coordination manual
+for more informtion.      
+Your Domain Coordinator may have assigned you rights to request courses.  If so, visit
+your roles screen, and select the ``Request course'' item in the Functions menu. If not,
+you should contact your Domain Coordinator to ask about course creation.

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