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  - Instructions on how to access your About Me page in 2.11
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 \textbf{My Personal Information Page} adds your personal information page to the content. You only have one such page, no matter how many courses you instruct. This
 is a place to provide a general introduction of yourself to your
-students. This page can be accessed from the \textbf(Main Menu) as
+students. This page can be accessed by selecting the \textbf{Information} item in the dropdown 
+list displayed when you hover over your own name at the top left of the inline menu.
+It can also be accessed fro the \textbf(Main Menu) as
 discussed in the section \ref{Prefs_About_Me}, or when adding it to a course.
 This section provides instructions when adding the information page to a course.
@@ -11,20 +13,20 @@
-\item Select \textbf{Course Contents} on the Inline Menu or 
+\item Select \textbf{Course Editor} on the Inline Menu or 
 \textbf{Edit course contents}
 within Main Menu. 
-\item At the \textbf{Course Documents} screen, click the \fbox{My
-Personal Info} button listed in the \textbf{Special documents} column.
+\item At the \textbf{Content Editor} screen, click the \fbox{My
+Personal Info} button listed in the \textbf{Other} column.
 \item Click the \textbf{re-initializing course} button to make changes active for the current session. 
-NOTE: The files appear in the Main Course Document column, where the user
+NOTE: The file appears in the Main Content Editor column, where the user
 can move, rename, or remove it. If the user does not click the \fbox{re-initializing
 course} button, the changes will become active the next time the user logs in.
-\item Click the link listed in the Main Content column.
+\item Click the \textbf{Edit} link listed in the Main Content column.
 \item At the \textbf{Personal Information} screen, fill out the various information.
 The \textbf{My Personal Information page} 
 allows you to upload a photo.
@@ -32,6 +34,7 @@
 \fbox{Browse...} button to select the file to upload, and then click the
 \fbox{Upload} button. 
 \item Clicking ANY of the \fbox{Save All} buttons will save the entire page.
+\item Click Exit Editing to return to regular display mode.

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