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-LON-CAPA can be controlled by a combination
+\textbf{Default Inline Menu}
+By default, LON-CAPA is controlled by a combination
 of the Inline Menu and the Main Menu. The Inline Menu
 will appear at the top of every page in LON-CAPA. Click on the \underbar{Main
 Menu} link within the Inline Menu to access the Main Menu. 
+\textbf{Remote Control}
+LON-CAPA also offers a \textbf{Remote Control} menu. The Remote Control is a separate pop-up browser window, and is automatically
+sized and placed in the upper left of the screen. To enable and experiment with the Remote Control menu, navigate to: Main Menu>My Space>Set my user preferences>Content Display Settings>Launch Remote Control. To exit from the remote, either close the window, or look for the inline menu command to exit on the upper right of the parent browser window.
+Hints for each button appear when hovering over the buttons. Click the words \textit{Extended Display} immediately above the remote command display to obtain a list of hints.
+\begin{center}\includegraphics[  height=0.50\paperwidth]{authorRemote}\end{center}
+\caption{Author Remote Control\label{Author Remote Control Figure}}
+The commands on the remote change depending on whether you are in a construction space role or course role. Some of the important commands on the Remote Control are:
+\item \textbf{ROLES (CHOOSE ROLE)} allows you to select which user role to assume
+for this session.
+\item \textbf{COM (COMMUNICATION)} allows you to access the communication functions
+in the system.
+\item \textbf{CUSR (USER ROLES)} brings up a page that allows you to create new
+users and change user privileges.
+\item \textbf{CSTR (CONSTRUCT)} displays the construction space for your account.
+\item \textbf{RES (RESOURCE SPACE)} allows you to browse the LON-CAPA network directory.
+\item \textbf{SRC (SEARCH LIBRARY)} brings up a screen that lets you search the
+LON-CAPA resources using multiple criteria.
+\item \textbf{PREF (PREFERENCES)} brings up a screen that allows you to change
+some preferences.
+\item \textbf{EXIT (LOGOUT)} will log you out of the LON-CAPA system.
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