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 drops tables from the LON-CAPA MySQL database if their comment is
 'temporary' and they have not been modified in a given time (default
 is 2 days).
-\item \emph{/home/httpd/perl/refresh_courseids_db.pl} run daily at 2.50 am 
+\item \emph{/home/httpd/perl/refresh\_courseids\_db.pl} run daily at 2.50 am 
 refreshes the database file (stored on a library server) queried when a 
 fast lookup is needed for information about courses housed on the server.  Course information includes the minimum LON-CAPA version needed to support the resourcs and/or settings used in the course.
 \item \emph{/home/httpd/perl/cleanup\_file\_caches.pl} run daily at 1.05