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  - Replacement of > with \textgreater when used outside quotation blocks.
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@@ -18,19 +18,24 @@
 \item domain (\$dom)
 \item reference to hash of institutional course IDs (\$instcodes)
 \item reference to hash of codes (\$codes)
-\item reference to array of titles (\$codetitles), e.g., @\{\$codetitles\}
+\item reference to array of titles (\$codetitles),
+e.g., @\{\$codetitles\}
 = (\char`\"{}year\char`\"{},\char`\"{}semester\char`\"{},\char`\"{}department\char`\"{},\char`\"{}number\char`\"{})
 \item reference to hash of abbreviations used in categories, (\$cat\_titles)
 \%\{\$\$cat\_titles\{'Semester'\}\} = (
-fs => 'Fall',
+fs =\textgreater 'Fall',
-ss => 'Spring',
+ss =\textgreater 'Spring',
-us => 'Summer');
+us =\textgreater 'Summer');
 \item reference to hash of arrays specifying sort order used in category