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  -  Documentation for "View/Modify Domain Settings" menu for Domain Coordinators.

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Access to pages which provide server status information for LON-CAPA servers
in a domain is controlled by a Domain Coordinator.  When a user who has a Domain 
Coordinator role is logged into LON-CAPA, the user automatically has access to
server status pages.  Access can also be granted to other users by either (a) 
specifying username:domain, or (b) specifying IP addresses for the clients from
which access will be made.  In the case of IP-based access there is no need for
the user to be logged into LON-CAPA or even have a LON-CAPA user account.


\item There are six server status pages: 

\item User Status Summary - information about User Sessions which have been hosted on the server since the last nightly clean-up of lonIDs for stale sessions, and where the user has not logged out. Sessions are classified into: Active, Moderately Active and Inactive.
\item Detailed Report - information saved by the nightly run of loncron which checks 
connections to other servers in the cluster, and includes excerpts from various logs, as well as machine information.
\item Apache Status Page - information from the Apache web server about its current status
\item LON-CAPA Module Versions - a list of currently installed LON-CAPA perl modules, including version information.
\item Domain status - information about the status of LON-CAPA daemons for servers in the domain.
\item Show user environment - Information about the current user's session environment.

\item There are three pages which can be used to perform server actions:

\item Generate Detailed Report - run the loncron command which checks connection to other servers and creates a new version of the detailed server status report.
\item Offline: replace Log-in page - replace the standard LON-CAPA index.html page at the
Document Root with a temporary page announcing unavailability of LON-CAPA service on that particular server. It is strongly recommended that access to the corresponding ``Online - restore Log-in'' page is set to allow access from your IP address so that you can visit that page to re-enable the standard index.html page (e.g., when maintenance is complete) if you use the Offline page to replace it.  
\item Online: restore Log-in page - replace the temporary index.html page with the standard index.html (which redirects to /adm/roles -- which will display the log-in page unless the
requestor's browser has an unexpired LON-CAPA session cookie).

\item There are two pages which can be used to display Metadata keyword information for searches in the domain.

\item Display Metadata Keywords
\item Harvest Metadata Searches


One final setting is for ``Toggle debug messages''. This controls whether a user's ``Set my user preferences'' page  will include a ``Toggle Debug Messages'' link which can be used to set display of debugging messages in LON-CAPA either on or off.