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  Document DC's ability to configure User session hosting in a domain.

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Starting with LON-CAPA 2.10, as Domain Coordinator you can configure a domain 
to include constraints on where sessions for users from your domain may be 
hosted, and also which other domains may have their users hosted on your  

If a LON-CAPA server is part of a cluster in which there is a only a 
single domain, or multiple domains but only a single library server,
then options to control user session hosting are unavailable, as they
do not make sense in this context.

Default domain configurations can be assigned for: 

\item Hosting of users from other domains. There are two types of setting: ``Allow all, but exclude specific domains'' or ``Deny all, but include specific domains''.  In both cases the options are (a) for the setting to be in use, or (b) not be in use (the default).  If in use, then checkboxes can be checked for any ``internet domains'' for which the constraint is to apply. Internet domains encompass all servers at a particular institution, and also any aliases used on a multiple domain server.  For example, there is a single internet domain for educog.com.  Constraints for that internet domain will apply to all *.educog.com servers, as well as all domains on the multi-domain educog server.  On a multiple domain server, session hosting constraints are defined in a single domain - the default domain included in the loncapa.conf file (e.g., the ``author'' domain for ``educog.com'').
\item Hosting domain's own users elsewhere. Again the same two types of setting are available: (a) ``Allow all, but exclude specific domains'' or (b) ``Deny all, but include specific domains''.  There is a third type of setting: ``LON-CAPA version requirement'', which, in common with the other two can be set to be:  ``in use'', or ``not in use'' (the default).  This setting can be used to require that sessions for users in your domain are not hosted on LON-CAPA versions which predate a particular selected version.