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 	 \item \textbf{End Time of slot}. This determines the time when a slot ends and a user cannot access the resource. This input is mandatory. The accepted format for this field is the same as for the start time of slot.
          \item \textbf{Message when reservation changed}. This determines whether a reservation change by a student triggers dispatch of a LON-CAPA message to the student making the change and/or to the user record for the student (visible to the instructor). If set, this can be one of:
-                \item only_student
-                \item student_and_user_notes_screen
+                \item only\_student
+                \item student\_and\_user\_notes\_screen
                 \item none
          corresponding to: ``Sent to student'', ``Sent to student and added to user record'', and ``None sent and no record in user notes'', respectively.  Default (i.e., with nothing set) is equivalent  to that of ``none''.